Select the "Play!" button next to the draw you would like to bet on. Enter 1-4 numbers you would like to bet on. Select an amount to wager, or enter your own amount and select the "Place Bet" button. Your bet will now be placed.

Select the user menu from the top right hand corner. Select "My Bets", then "My Bets" again. All your pending and past bets will be displayed.

Select "Last Draw Results" next to the draw you would like to see the results for. You can also see the results for the last draw under each draw on the main draw page.

When placing a bet you can use the "Quick Pick" option, which will select 1 number at random. Each time the button is pressed, an additional ball will be added to the selection.

The date and time of each draw are indicated below the draw's latest lottery winning numbers.

By selecting "View Odds" next to the desired draw, you will see a list of odds for each bet type as well as how much you can return per R1 that you bet.