RSA - POWERBALL PLUS 5/50 results

Republic of South Africa
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Betting on the SA Powerball Plus results online with

People often think that Powerball and Powerball Plus are just the different names of the same lottery. Actually, that's not right. Although the Powerball Plus has the same rules as the Powerball, it's a completely different lottery with the separate drawings. So, betting on the SA Powerball Plus results significantly increases your chances to snatch the Powerball jackpot!

On this page, we present you the last 5 Powerball Plus lotto results. Feel free to use this information to guess the next winning numbers. You can try different strategies — for example, place identical bets on both lotteries, etc. But first, we recommend you to learn how to play Powerball Plus in details.

How to play Powerball Plus

During each Powerball Plus drawing, 5 of 50 balls, numbered from 1 to 50, are dropped. These are the so-called 'regular balls' — the basis of the lottery. As for the 6th ball, it is dropped from the other pot with 20 balls, numbered from 1 to 20. This is the 'bonus ball', which makes betting on Powerball Plus more diverse.

On YesPlay, you can predict from 1 to 4 winning Powerball Plus numbers (excluding the bonus ball). That is easy — just fill in the appropriate number of cells on the Powerball Plus betting page. Moreover, you can save your time and use the Powerball Plus quick pick option. By pressing this button, you will get the random numbers, generated by our system.

To make your bets more rewarding, you can add the bonus number to them. However, there is one important rule, linked to the mixed bets. If you're mixing different types of numbers in the Powerball Plus bet on YesPlay, you can include a maximum of 3 regular balls into it. Actually, that is the only restriction about predicting the winning Powerball Plus numbers on YesPlay.

There are also simpler kinds of bets, linked only to the bonus ball. For example, you can guess the half of the range of the bonus ball's number (high or low), or its parity. Surely, predicting the exact number of the bonus ball separately is also allowed.

Predict Powerball Plus lotto results on YesPlay

As you already know all the necessary information about the Powerball Plus rules, you're ready to start betting on this lotto with YesPlay. The Powerball Plus drawings take place twice a week (Tue and Fri, at 20:30). You can either guess the numbers by yourself or use the Powerball Plus quick pick option. In both cases, the payment will get to you as fast as possible if you win.

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At our practice, we use fixed odds betting system where the player places a bet on a particular outcome. If that bet wins, the player wins whatever the odds quoted to him at the time of placing the bet were. If he loses, he loses only the stake invested. Thus, the player knows in advance how much he will win or lose as soon as he strikes the bet.

We are dedicated to ensuring our players with the best gaming experience possible. In case you have any questions or concerns, don’t be shy to consult our lottery experts for the best advice possible. We’ll provide you with the information on every lottery and explain in detail where to check South Africa Powerball Plus results.

Check Out the Latest SA Powerball Plus Results in A Few Clicks

Nowadays, there is no need to go to the country of a lottery you want to play. At YesPlay, you can take part in different types of lottery games without ever leaving your home. The only thing you need to do is surf through the website, choose the lottery you want to win, and click the “Play” button. Simple as that.

In case you want to try your luck at SA Powerball Plus, here is an instruction on how to play the lottery. The participant has to choose one, two, three or four numbers (balls) from the choice of 50 and/or one number (Bonus) from 1 to 20. Four balls or a Bonus ball are selected in two different pools. When you’ve made your final choice, hit the “Submit” button. Not used to rely on intuition? Then, you can use Quick Pick option that randomly selects South Africa Powerball Plus lucky numbers. Also worth mentioning the player can make bets on low/high and odd/even numbers.

Drawings are held twice a week: on Tuesdays and Fridays at 21:00 local time. You can discover if you have matched any numbers by visiting the “latest lotto results” section. You can also scroll down the page where you’ve placed your bids to view SA Powerball Plus winning numbers.