How to win lotto: 5 tips that will lead you to a jackpot

Apparently, you have seen many books, articles or videos with similar titles. But still, how to win lotto? The most correct answer is: no one knows. You can read dozens of books and listen to thousands of recommendations, but the outcome of every lottery will always be completely random. Yes, some lotto winners may link their success to complicated mathematical algorithms or special software. However, most likely, all these cases are coincidences.

But does it mean that you can’t increase your odds of winning the lottery? Of course, no. The well-planned and structured approach to playing the lottery will definitely lead you to success one day. So, be patient, and use the following tips on improving your lotto betting strategy.

1. Invent the system of choosing the numbers

There are thousands of ways to pick the winning lottery numbers. Some people rely on stats, while others simply enter their dog’s birthday and expect a miracle. The following ways of picking the lucky numbers are the most common ones. Choose one of them, or try them all to test which suits you most:

  • Picking the most frequent numbers. The logic behind this strategy is simple: if some numbers are dropped more often than others, they are more likely to be dropped in a particular drawing.
  • Picking the least frequent numbers. There is also an opposite strategy: if some numbers haven’t been dropped for a while, why shouldn’t they appear in the next draw?
  • Special numbers. It may be your mom’s birthday, your phone number, or simply a number that you treat as your lucky one. Anyway, numbers really sometimes bring us luck. Why don’t apply this ‘number magic’ to predicting the lotto results?
  • Quick Pick. You can save your time and give up your intuition, and simply generate the winning lottery numbers with a Quick Pick button or any random generator on the Internet. That doesn’t increase your chances to win but makes playing the lottery more unpredictable and funny.

By trying all the most popular strategies of choosing the lucky numbers, you will definitely find the one which brings you luck more often than others.

2. Play the right games…

...and always read the odds. By predicting 2 Powerball numbers, you don’t expect your stake to be multiplied on 1000, right? Scroll the list of the most popular lotteries, and choose those games and options which are more prolific. Moreover, think twice of a way you bet. For example, if you have R20 to be spent on lotto betting, you can either place one bet on the highly rewarding option, or 5 bets on the more likely options with lower odds. Keep your expenses in mind, and always calculate a potential winning before you place a bet.

3. Create a lotto betting pool with your friends

The more tickets you buy — the highest your chances of winning are (the same is with the number of bets if you play lotto online). But what if you don’t have extra money to place more bets on the most rewarding options? The answer is: create a lotto betting pool with your relatives, friends, or colleagues. Let every person of the pool place a bet or two (surely, with different numbers), and negotiate that in case of success the reward will be split. But be careful and create such pools only with the fair people, to whom you can trust.

4. Avoid scammers

Just like many people want to become the lotto winners, scammers want to assign their rewards. If you’re playing your favorite lottery in a betting shop, do the following to avoid fraud:

  • Buy tickets only from the legal betting shops, and don’t buy them from strangers.
  • Avoid buying tickets from the foreign lotteries — that is illegal.
  • Don’t respond to messages or e-mails, claiming that you have won the lottery. Officials never notify players about their winnings — you should always check the lotto results yourself.
  • No lottery wants you to pay money to get your reward. If someone persuades you to do that, he/she is a scammer.

With so many threats for the players, betting on lotto online is much safer. However, you should also be careful and bet only on the sites, approved by the official regulating authorities. For example, YesPlay got the approval of the Western Cape Gambling and Racing Board, so our users shouldn’t worry about the fairness and transparency of lotto betting.

5. Stay positive

Positive thinking attracts positive events. When betting on the lottery, concentrate on your success and be sure that one day you’ll definitely win. Believe it or not, but the most confident players always reach their goals.

Want to find out whether these tricks really work? Start with one of YesPlay’s lotteries (for example, predict the Powerball numbers). Who knows — perhaps, tomorrow you will wake up incredibly reach?