Saturday lotto

Do you feel bored on a Saturday night? How about a chance of claiming a cash prize? We've got something for you — the list of lotteries that are scheduled to take place on a Saturday! YesPlay has a huge variety of options for players all around the world. Here you can find all types of Saturday lotto and lotto plus results in South Africa, Europe, USA and other regions of the world.

Don't miss your chance to become a millionaire. Luckily, you can bet online on the lotto draw results on our website. Be sure to check your lottery rules, schedule and choose your lotto numbers for Saturday draws. On this page you can find all draws scheduled for Saturday. Still haven't chosen your favourite lottery for this evening? Try placing a bet on one or more of the draws today.

Larger national lotteries have a fixed schedule for every day of the week. Check it on our page and don't forget to set a reminder for the lotto plus results. You can win a prize if the numbers selected on your ticket match the winning numbers drawn. As it was mentioned above, in some cases it is enough to have just one number selected to receive a payout, if this number matches the draw results.

Each draw on this day has its own odds of winning. You can check them by clicking the View Odds button. After a draw you can also check the Saturday night lotto numbers. If all of yours match the numbers drawn, you will be a winner!

Here's a list of all the draws on this platform that take place on a Saturday. Register on and choose your lucky numbers to match the Saturday lotto results. We wish you lots of luck to win large payouts!

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